Blowing Bubbles

The magic of bubbles...

ABC song - version2 - alphabet song for kids

Second version of Kinobimbo ABC's learning video, with our child and his friend Zebra enjoying a fly on the plane.

Shopping time

What happens when a baby is doing a grocery shopping? Kids enjoy buying their favourite foods and they can be very independent. Enjoy our video!

The Circus with clowns, song for kids, children, toddlers

Enjoy the magic of the Circus with Kinobimbo and his friends dressed like clowns. Music, funny time and party is all over.

The Finger Family Song, nursery rhyme for kids, toddlers, children

Where are you? Here I am, Here I am...

Rain Rain Go Away nursery rhyme, songs for kids, toddlers, children

Children love to play outdoors, even in the rain...