KinoBimbo animated series and nursery rhymes

KinoBimbo is an animated series & nursery rhymes channel dedicated to kids and their parents. Each episode features a toddler boy aged 3 enjoying nursery rhymes or getting mischievous.

Halloween Night, songs for kids, children Halloween song

Kinobimbo and his friend Mary enjoy their Halloween night meeting with scary monsters, bats, spooky mummy, flying pumpkins and boogie man.

Hickory Dickory Dock nursery rhymes, songs for kids, toddlers, animated series

Hickory Dickory Dock nursery rhyme. Kinobimbo and his friend the mouse enjoy walking up and down the clock, counting the hours. Kinobimbo leaves a delicious gift for his friend to make him happy.

Learn colours for with Kinobimbo, for kids, toddlers, animation

Eleven colours brought to all kids by Kinobimbo to learn and enjoy, catchy music and colourful animation.

Baby BathTime, flooding the bathroom, playing in the bathtub, funny and happy end

Babies love to play with water, hear the splashes and sprinkles, having fun and experimenting new games and emotions. In this video, Kinobimbo enjoys his time in the bathtub, and after it comes the cleaning time...

Learn shapes with Kinobimbo, for kids, toddlers, babes

Nice different shapes brought by Kinobimbo, his sister Mary and their best fiends, to all kids and toddlers.