Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Classical Nursery Rhyme. A special magic that happens when a baby is dreaming.

Row Row Row Your Boat

KinoBimbo and Zebra are rowing together down the stream. Babies and animals have a special feeling and make a long lasting friendship.

Humpty Dumpty

KinoBimbo and Humpty Dumpty are playing on the wall with balloons, before Humpty Dumpty fall down. Instead of king's horses and king's men, our video shows different animals like elephant, ladybug, dog, rhino, duck, crab, frog, cat and more, who are the real friends of our childhood and kids' world.


Farmer KinoBimbo and his friend Bingo enjoy this classical nursery rhymes together with the other farm's animals.

Five Little Monkeys

KinoBimbo is feeling like a monkey and he jumps on the bed like one of them having a lot of fun.

Helping Mom in the House

Playful Kinobimbo is helping mom to clean the house...guess what happens next?