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KinoBimbo is a family project.

Kinobimbo is an animated series that benefits from the beauty and magic of nursery rhymes, and it is inspired by the adventures of a child, his infinite universe and aims to rediscover childhood, and its imaginative moments, its joyful time and real life with parents.

The project originates from Claudio's artistic bent, who cultivates his talent at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara, continuing his education in England with a degree in Art Management. His idea comes to life and becomes independent family adventure, with the help of his wife (web designer) and his nephew Marco, creative singer and music composer. The cartoons are drawn by hand, assembled and synchronized with the "house music".

The Kinobimbo name is pure fantasy of Alessandro, Claudio's son (3 years old), who coined a cute nickname to define
his mom - the Kinomamy
his dad - the Kinopapy
himself – the Kinobimbo

Enjoy our videos!